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The Happy Change Maker | Olivia Rothschild

Olivia Rothschild is our first Happy Change Maker in the spotlight. Olivia is a social entrepreneur and the co-founder of 109 World, who decided to leave behind her corporate career in Sweden to follow a life of philanthropy. 109 World (link) is a non profit organisation offering influencers and everyday people a platform to contribute to global development in a cool way. 109 World envisions a world where social media empowers everyone everywhere to be a humanitarian.

Olivia Hiii, tell us a bit about yourself?

I keep writing and erasing this answer – why is telling someone freely about yourself so goddamn tricky? I’m gonna do my best in giving you some insight into who I am. I am a butter-loving social entrepreneur trying to find my own way in today’s societal structures. I am the mother of a true miracle and part of an extremely happy relationship. I like cooking but even more so enjoying good food (preferably vegetarian or vegan) with family and friends. I am not so patient, which is probably why I juggle many things at the same time. I see myself as a very non-judgmental person and easily understand people and phenomenas. I have created my own little bubble of happiness and sometimes I am afraid what will happen if it breaks – maybe nothing, maybe everything.

What inspired you to start 109world?

The path that I’ve chosen in life – the people and good friends I have surrounded myself with, the studies I chose, the encouraging family that always has my back… More concrete: my dear friend Rachel, aka @yoga_girl, with her powerful influence on people and potential to spread positive change through social media. Together with our third co-founder Leticia Reyes, we saw an enormous potential for 109 World to help influencers seize the opportunity of having a positive impact on their community through their social media channels and in accordance to their values.

Do you have a morning routine?

Well, at the moment they pretty much change all the time. Right now my morning routine is waking up to feed my baby Hunter, hang out with him in bed while being served a morning shake made by my love. Then I get up, put Hunter back to sleep and try to get as much work as possible done in my pjs during his nap.

How do you stay motivated?

As an entrepreneur, it is hard sometimes to stay motivated but I try to surround myself with like-minded people and talk about it with my friends and family. I think the best advice to stay motivated is to talk about your struggles with people around you- you never know, they might be the answer to your challenges.

Do you remember your first period? Can you share your memory with us?

Oh yes I do. I was at my grandmother’s with my sisters, we always used to have dinner at hers on Wednesdays. I was actually pretty calm, somehow I was expecting it to happen pretty soon. I got out of the bathroom and told my grandmother who gave me one of those huge pads for old people so I felt like I was walking around with a diaper. It took a while before I started using tampons and I remember my older sister having to come with me to the bathroom to explain to me how to go about. I was totally confused on how I was supposed to go to the bathroom with a tampon inside of me. That’s how little we know about our bodies – weird isn’t it?

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