We make your period matter. Your Happy Period is a lifestyle and wellbeing platform for women by Yoppie.

What if you truly stepped up and took bold action?

There are so many things in our daily lives that we can change in order to become leaders within our own spheres. At Yoppie we make that even easier for you. For each month you subscribe, we give a month’s worth of sanitary items to a girl in Kenya. We want to draw attention to some of the major challenges that still exist in the world. A world where over 100 million girls lack appropriate sanitary products. The lack of access to menstrual care means girls often improvise with pieces of cloth or newspaper, which in turn increases the risk of  infection and inapproropriate leakage protection. Menstruation is often the reason these girls miss school or even drop out. This, in turn, means their chances at developing as an individual and as a collective are hindered. There is, however, a small intervention that could yield the largest changes in education for girls. That intervention is made possible through access to the necessary sanitary products and health education.

Thanks to your subscription, we can help reduce the number of girls in Kenya missing any school days during their menstruation. You are joining our sisterhood of fighting against social stigma and fighing for the equality for women worldwide. As we grow, we hope to help even more women and girls in need of sanitary products and health education.

Right now, an alarming number of girls miss huge opportunities when they get their period, partilualrly in terms of aconomic autonomy. The lack of mesntrual education can lead to infections and unwanted pregnancies. One way we can help empower women around the world is through education, so we value an opportunity to help girls stay in school. It helps give these girls a choice, creating a positive impact indivudally and as a collective.

The challange for women and girls to have access to the necessary menstrual products is fought for in parts of Europe and US seeking the  removal of ‘tampon tax’, the value-added tax on a basic necessity. Female empowerment worldwide is key for Yoppie and we hope to raise awarenss on a vast number of issues that remain unforgotten to us and is not just a “women’s issue”!

Supporting girls and women can transform an entire nation. In 2012, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said: “the greatest return comes from investing in girls and women. When they are educated, they drive development in their families, communities, and nations”.

Lots of love,

The Yoppie Team

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