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Go With The Flow

Did you know it is important to use the right tampon size for your flow? So wearing a ‘super’ tampon when you have a heavy flow, a ‘regular’ tampon when you have a medium flow, and a ‘mini’ tampon when you are a light flow.

This is because by wearing the proper absorbency tampon for your flow, you decrease the chance of infection and dryness/irritation of your vagina. If you wear a tampon with high absorbency (super tampon) when you have a light flow, the risk of the tampon absorbing the natural and healthy fluids in your vagina increases. This is why Yoppie offers you the possibility to hand pick your own assortment of tampons for each cycle from an assortment of three tampon sizes, as well choose how many you need of each size in relation to your individual flow. For instance, our Co-Founder Daniella is a light bleeder, so her Yoppie-combo is 3 super, 7 regular, and 8 mini tampons. Whereas Jessica, our Business Developer, is a heavy bleeder and so her Yoppie-combo is 11 super, 5 regular, and 2 mini tampons.

Every period has its own flow, nothing is normal, you are normal. That is why it is important to always have the three different sizes available so that you can match the right size with your current flow.

In other words, your Yoppie-combo will help you truly go with the flow!

Lots of Love,

The Yoppie Team


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